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FAQ - General

Catalog of Questions
  1. What is ICS?
  2. I'd like to delete my T³-account. How can I do that?
  3. Why isn't T³ available in my country?

Questions & Answers
Question: What is ICS?

Answer: ICS is known as the file extension of the iCalendar standard. iCalendar is used for the easy exchange of calendar information and can be used with an adequate programm (like the tools from the Mozilla Calendar Project or Apples well-knwon iCal).

T³ offers support for ICS for all tournament dates. On the one hand there is a complete tournament calendar (national and international) and on the other you can download each single tournament date seperatly.
Question: I'd like to delete my T³-account. How can I do that?

Answer: Navigate to your account page and follow the "Delete account" link in the options.
Question: Why isn't T³ available in my country?

Answer: T³ is designed in a way that I basically can be deployed for any country, but we don't want to impose T³ on someone.

To add a new country to T³ you have to take care of a bunch of things:

1) Deploying and administrating a new T³-country is really, really a lot of work. This should be clear at first!

2) First of all you need a (read: at least one) person which will be the administrator. An admin is responsible for all complete "high level" administration of tournaments, players, rankings and so forth. An admin should be someone which is known by the community and whom it trusts. Trust is an important base for such an enterprise. In addition to that it's a demand that the admin has a good command of English for the T³-team internal communication. The whole works hasn't be done by a poor single person. More persons can become administrators, but one should be the main responsible admin / contact.

3) If the new country needs a new language, which T³ doesn't support yet, the initial amount of works increases a lot. At the moment (January 2009) we have over 110 scripts waiting for a translation. In addition there is a lot of content in the database. Therefore it's a demand that there is someone with a really good command in English (or German). This hasn't to be an admin, but it would be an advantage.

4) A more technical aspect is that geographical data of the country is needed to gain the full functionallity of T³. The geodata needed is basically a mapping of postcodes and cities to longitudes and latitudes.

5) The tabletop community really has to want T³ for their country. If noone is going to use T³, it doesn't make any sense. Only the public backing can lead to a success.

If all these points didn't scare someone away, he is gladly welcome to contact Blackhawk in English or German (see Contacts at the end of the navigation).
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