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News - T³ grows again: T³-Poland just went online

(Permalink)T³ - T³ grows again: T³-Poland just went online
2010-03-29 09:54

All started with the request of the Polish gaming club Animosity Szczecin in February. The Polish players would like to have more players from Germany on their tournaments, as it's often easier to just hop over the border than driving cross whole Germany. There's a similar effect between the Netherlands and Germany... so why not on the other side too.

Less than two month later T³-Poland is online, which was made possible by the unresting translation work of our new Polish admin Krszysztof aka kajdan.

There are still some minor issues, but everything is working as intended. If you recognize an error, please drop kajdan (Polish) or Blackhawk (German/English) a message.

Now give all Polish players a warm welcome and let the international games begin.

Written by Blackhawk

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