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News - <2 weeks remaining

(Permalink)Xhammer X-Wing Open 2018 - <2 weeks remaining
2018-04-09 19:22

Hello fellow x-wingers,

Our Xhammer x-wing open tournament is less than 2 weeks away so time for me to remind you:
1) to check if you're still able to come and otherwise contact me to open up your space.
2) send a link from of your squadlist (I prefer http://xwing-builder.co.uk/ ) to me before 14/04/2018 via T3 (contact A-Poc) or bring 2 copy's on the day yourself.
3) to please pay beforehand so we're sure you'll actually show up :) (10€ @ BE20 6511 5579 6756 mentioning X-Wing Open and your name.) or 12€ on the day.

Greetz ,

- - That's not how the Force works!

Written by A-Poc

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