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News - Two more days!

(Permalink)Hyperspace Trial Mechelen - Two more days!
2019-05-28 22:02

Just 2 more days! We still have a waiting list. If you're not able to make it please let me know via facebook messenger or nbergans@gmail.com. Thank you!

If you ARE able to make it, please bring following items.
- Your list, printed from https://squadbuilder.fantasyflightgames.com/ twice (or more)
- All official miniatures, dials, cards, tokens etc needed for your list.
- A playmat we're allowed to use.

If you're not able to print your list I can print it for you. Just send me a mail.

Don't bring your own drinks as we have a fully stocked bar. Croque monsieurs and hotdogs will also be available.

See you all thursday!

Written by Qanar

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