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General - May 2006
info2006-05-18 19:28
Languageselection on the .net-domain

A little, but expedient change of the language control has been accomplished on the .net-domain of T³. Till now the language has been specified by the selected country. Now it will be selected accordingly to you browser setting.

If a language is selected that is supported by T³, it will be used to show you the website. Any options set by a T³-user will overwrite the automatically determined language.
info2006-05-17 11:14

Good news everyone. After France joining us a couple of months ago, another country is extending the T³-family. Belgium is now the 5th country, that uses the T³-system.

T³ is supported in Belgium by the "Belgian Dogs of War", the big beglian wargamer community (bdow.be). The BDoW-president Quentin de Meuter will be the responsible T³-admin (with help of cenotaphe in the beginning). A supportboard for the belgish people can be found in the BDoW-Forum, too.

We're happy about the interest in our work and the future cooperation.
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