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Server/Technical - October 2009
tec2009-10-28 18:20
Servercrash and new server

On 27th October the harddisk of the server crashed at 4:17 o'clock. The error wasn't repairable and the disk was stuck in a "read only" mode. All relevant data (in addition to the regular backup) was secured immediatly and a replacement of the disk was ordered.

At the same time we've take the oppertunity and ordered a brand new server. It's technical up to date and has much more power than the old machine. In addition it's running a RAID system so that a single disk failure shouldn't lead to a big impact on the running service. The T³-website was moved directly onto the new machine instead of getting it back on the old one. You should recognize an increased overall speed now.

There could be some minor problems with the move. If you encounter anything unnormal, please contact an admin.
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