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News Archive

General - 2010
info2010-10-03 17:21
Admin not available

Blackhawk isn't available from 4th to 13th October. Please contact other admins or be patient. :)
info2010-09-15 15:01
ETC Betting Master 2010 found

We finally found our ETC Betting Master.

The ETC Betting Master 2010 is Jokaero, who got an overall rate of 84.17%. Congratulations on this good assessment of team strengths.

As the betting master was nominated over all ETC tournaments, we also want to mention the T³ users who had the best results for a single tournament: The best bet on Warhammer had jim with incredible 90.63%. On Warhammer 40K FenneQ got 87.08%.

Details on the calculation can be found on the ETC Betting Game page.
info2010-08-31 16:17
Budapest Grand Tournament

As you probably have heard or noticed, Eastern-European Grand Tournament wasn’t organised this year. To fill the gap that is left behind Hungarians are proud to bring you the Budapest Grand Tournament. This will be the greatest Hungarian wargame tournament ever. The event will be held on the 16th and 17th of October with six different game systems:

Warhammer 40000
War of the Ring
Flames of War
Warhammer Historical

* T³ tournament page
* Official website
info2010-08-19 15:27
ETC has ended - Results are online

The ETC 2010 has ended and it really was a unique event. The atmosphere and spirit was amazing and the feedback overwhelming. Many thanks go to all the voluntary helpers who made this event possible.

We just added the round and final results to our ETC page and will nominate the winner of our ETC betting game on them:

* ETC 2010 Warhammer
* ETC 2010 Warhammer 40K
info2010-06-11 15:22
First T³ tournament in the Netherlands

Since T³ started in the Netherlands at the beginning of the year, the first Dutch tournament organized using all the great features of T³ is available:

The gamers of the club Drakenrijders are organizing the tournament Flower Power 40K on Juli, 31th. Based on its advantageous location it's really interesting for players from Germany or Belgium. It's sometimes easier to cross the border than driving through your own country. ;)
info2010-04-02 11:33
Reduced support over the Easter holidays

It's Easter time again and it will get a bit settled on T³. Please be patient with us, if you don't get an answer to your request in the usual response time over the next days.

In addition Blackhawk is on vacation for the next week. Please contact any other admin on important issues.
info2010-02-26 11:31
Bug in the export - Update

There's currently a bug in the export function. We'll fix this in the next couple of hours, so that there will be no problems with the tournaments this weekend. Please be a bit patient.

Update: The error is fixed now.
info2010-01-04 14:22
What is new 2010?

First: Happy new year to all T³ visitors! The year 2010 brings some changes to T³:

T³-Netherlands and T³ in Dutch
With starting today the Netherlands got the full support of T³ and becomes the 7th supported country. In addition to that T³ is also available in Dutch now. This should also improve the usability for Belgium with their tournament scenes being strongly connected.

Tournament Awards 2009
We're working on getting the awards done, which should happen soon. We'll post a separate annoucement for them.

The Future of T³
After we were looking into the feedback after the annoucement about the future of T³ for the last weeks, we'll evaluate it and then make a decision in the next weeks.

New Tabletops
We added a couple of new tabletops to the system in the last 2-3 weeks:
* Eden - A postapocalyptic tabletop made by Taban Miniatures with really crazy stuff from France.
* Warcanto - A Fantasy skirmish tabletop made by Dwarf Tales Miniatures from Poland with a first class design.
* Nemesis - Also a fantasy skirmish tabletop, also really nice miniatures, but this time from Spain made by Zenit Miniatures.
* Operation World War Two - A historical accurate WWII tabletop from Italy made by Alzozero Games.
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