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German Tabletop Championships - T9A (dt. Einzel-Meisterschaften)

The German Tabletop Championships 2020 are a cooperation between several clubs to host tournaments for several systems in one place simulatneously.

With the "Eishalle Herford" we have found a place to host a tabletop-event for up to 600 players. Food, drinks and and the option for a free overnight-stay are included in the particiaption-fee.

See details: www.germantabletopchampionships.com!

Organizers: Frederick (Contact), Just_Flo (Contact)

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Important: The tournament has been canceled!

Gamesystem: The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles (T9A)
Start: 2020-06-06 07:30
End: 2020-06-07 18:00
Seats: 120
Charge: 69
Eishalle Herford
Im kleinen Felde
32051 Herford

Website: http://www.germantabletopchampionships.com

Info: The tournament has ended.

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* Warhammer Age of Sigmar
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* Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

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2020-06-24 14:33
GTC - confirmation of the event

Dear players,

we are super happy and relived to announce, that the GTC 2020 is going to happen according to plan on three consecutive weekends in October!

After a long period of uncertainty and adaption we finally managed to have a confirmation of the local government, that our event can take place.

You find all the needed information on our website www.germantabletopchampionships.com and we woll update all the readers and add more links regarding the hygiene- and anti-infection-rules during the event.

One downside that comes with the current allowance to host the event: for now we have to limit the amount of player-slots to 100 per event and 36 for LotR. We will give the spots away in order of payment under the "first come, first serve"-rule. IF you want to make sure you will have a spot save, use PayPal, since this will be our first priority during checking the payments!

Please be aware, that although we will do our very best to have a least-uneffected event happening, there might and will be things that usually would impact the experience of such event. We are still working on organizing the food and drinks as well as figuring out how we will check the entrance. Please stick with the rules we give to you in advance and help us out making the event as smooth as possible :)

One thing we ask for: cross your fingers and do all you can to not spread the virus meanwhile to avoid all of us running in a second outbreak. If it is going to happen we reserve the right to cancel the event still. Be aware, that in case of another cancellation/postponement, we are not paying any compenations for hotel and travel AND reserve the right to deduct a certain amount from the entry fee we refund to ensure our expenses to date are covered. We are a volunteer-driven non-profit club and any losses would have to be paid by us personally. If you are not in agreement with this please DON´T pay for the event!

We are so mich looking forward to this relaunch of bigger events for 2020! See you soon in Herford!!

written by Frederick

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