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Tournament details

2 NT 

Perugia 2023

Name:Perugia 2023
Gamesystem:War of the Ring
Organizer:Hurin_it (Contact)
Address:via Caduti del Lavoro, 52
06124 Perugia (Pg)
Hitchhiker offers:There are no Hitchhiker Offer at the momemt.
Start: 2023-04-15 09:30
End: 2023-04-16 18:30
Download ICS-Date: Download the date as an ICS-file...
Seats: 20
Charge: none
Description:1500 points armies, three games per player.
Each player may prepare a fixed list "a" of 1125+ points, and three lists "b" of 375- points (a+b = 1500 points).
Before the start of each game, after having seen the table, victory conditions and enemy's "a" list, each player will freely chose which one among his own three "b" options to delpoy along withe the "a".
A new great list of units for all the army lists and from The Hobbit movie will be available (based upon the model releases of thes last years) will be available for players in addition to the standard ones.
More information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1899202626823974/?multi_permalin

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