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Big Balls 02 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Harald aka "ikildkenny"DStuttgart46Alchemist's GuildStrongholdno
2. (anonym)-Hunter's GuildBavarian Empireno
3. Matthias aka "Celeb"DMünchen30Ratcatcher's GuildLegion des Blöedsinnsno
4. Tobias aka "pewpew"DRemseck am Neckar48Hunter's GuildStronghold Ultrasno
5. Marco aka "Nesh"DTübingen61Farmer's GuildStrongholdno
6. Niklas aka "Funk-Docta-Spock"DLudwigsburg42Engineer's GuildStrongholdno
7. Sandra aka "Swissy"DMünchen90Farmer's GuildLegion des Blöedsinnsno
8. Philip aka "Post-it"DStuttgart100Mason's GuildFoxhound Esslingenno
9. Joachim aka "Mootaz"DHeusweiler13Ratcatcher's GuildSaar-Ballerno
10. (anonym)-Alchemist's GuildBavarian Empireno
11. Sascha aka "oger"DCalw- Althengstett69Blacksmith's GuildStronghold Ultrasno
12. (anonym)-Brewer's GuildBavarian Empireno
13. Michael aka "insert_name_here"DEsslingen a. N.165Hunter's GuildFoxhound Esslingenno
14. Henrik aka "Parzival"DKornwestheim114Brewer's GuildStronghold Ultrasno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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