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34. Bedburger Scheunenkloppen - Tag Team Turnier - List of Participants

1. Christian aka "Chessi"DHünfelden Dauborn23The InquisitionMeta Slavesyes
2. Viktor aka "Samtpfoetchen"DSankt Augustin118Grey KnightsFrontale Faustyes
3. Philipp aka "Tinga"DSankt Augustin591Death GuardFrontale Faustyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
4. Alexander aka "WhiteStar"DEssen110Space WolvesDes Imperators neue Kleiderno
5. Fabian aka "McCrail"DEssen200NecronsArmy of Twono
6. Didier aka "ar-men29"FWillich49OrksMore Terrainno
7. Jan aka "Jup"DDüsseldorf713Chaos Space MarinesFirstbloodno
8. Daniel aka "ElCid"DWuppertal2037Imperial KnightsBSK - Chapter FreSveno

List of teams

1Meta SlavesChessi
2Frontale FaustSamtpfoetchen, Tinga
Registered teams
3Des Imperators neue KleiderWhiteStar
4Army of TwoMcCrail
5More Terrainar-men29
7BSK - Chapter FreSveElCid

Distribution of Armies
Death Guard:1
Grey Knights:1
The Inquisition:1
Distribution of Origins
Sankt Augustin:2
Hünfelden Dauborn:1
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