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Les Murmures de Morrigane - List of Participants

1. Christophe aka "wouf"FNevers25Kingdom of ManLes Hérault de Moriganyesyes
2. Alain aka "Sanglior"FCouy65Night-StalkerLes Hérault de Moriganyesyes
3. Jean Jacques aka "kogaratsu"FOrganc Sur Vezere-Kingdom of Manyesyes
4. Jean Luc aka "PPstilence"FSt Bonnet Briance20UndeadMagisters Lémovices Forbannisyesyes
5. Patrick aka "Pat1966"FFranconville-Ratkinyesyes
6. Nicolas aka "Nayko"FLyon33The Herdyesyes
7. Valentin aka "Waszazen"FCouy123Kingdom of ManLes Hérault de Moriganyesyes
8. Christian aka "aleajactaest"FBrenthonne191Kingdom of Mansons of gamesyesyes
9. Kevin aka "Ketep"FAureil6Kingdom of ManMagisters Lémovices Forbannisyesyes
10. Dieu aka "Shub-Niggurath"Les Montagnes Hallucinées36Legions of the Abysssons of gamesyesyes
11. Matthieu aka "Woryk"FSaint Jean De Tholome35Ratkinyesyes
12. Louis aka "Domdom"FLa Thuile5Undeadyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Kingdom of Man:5
Legions of the Abyss:1
The Herd:1
Distribution of Origins
Cher (18):2
Corrèze (19):2
Haute-Savoie (74):2
Haute-Vienne (87):2
Nièvre (58):1
Rhône (69):1
Savoie (73):1
Val-d'Oise (95):1
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