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[33] Régional Bordeaux - le dimanche 24 mars 2019 - List of Participants

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1. Wilfrid aka "Ender"FCestas-Gazinet1RebelsAdeptus Coloresno
2. Nicoals aka "Nostromo"FMérignac16EmpireAdeptus Coloresno
3. Henri aka "Bruder-Glados"FCourbevoie-Rebelsno
4. Pierre aka "Futil"FIssy-Les-Moulineaux14MercenariesEscadron Les Têtes Brûléesno
5. Yves-Marie aka "Aldenoer"FTalence47EmpireAdeptus Coloresno
6. Jeremy aka "jtondut"FPessac24MercenariesAdeptus coloresno
7. Florent aka "Jack_aubrey"FVillenave d'Ornon51RebelsAdeptus Coloresno
8. Mathieu aka "Nitromax"FBordeaux70RebelsAdeptus Coloresno
9. Gil aka "Zil"FLagny-Sur-Marne3Empireno
10. Eric aka "starfighter"FCanejan-RebelsAdeptus Coloresno
11. Anton aka "Gribouille"FMerignac-RebelsWookies Bordelaisno
12. Jean-Francois aka "Gunthar"FColomiers7Mercenariesno
13. Charles H.FCanéjan-MercenariesAdeptus Coloresno
14. Stéphane aka "LeStef"FCastanet Tolosan28EmpireTEAM THALOSno
15. Nicolas aka "Khaarn"FCambayrac13MercenariesKhaarnno
16. Alfonso aka "Cryptiks"CHChêne-Bougeries15Mercenariesno
17. (anonym)-Mercenariesno
18. Greg aka "turkishvancat"CHZürich4Rebels501stno
19. Christophe D.FLa Teste De Buch-RebelsAdeptus Coloresno
20. Jérôme aka "Budmilka"FCréteil6Empireno
21. Aldric aka "Aldric64"FCestas74EmpireAdeptes Coloresno

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