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Flames of War Limburg - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Benjamin aka "Ponge"BKortrijk1Puskás SzázadReplay Kortrijkyes
2. Tim aka "Bogusazrael"BSint-Niklaas3US Armored Rifle CompanyPuppeteersyes
3. Robby aka "Robby1969"BDiepenbeek13PanzerkompanieFlames Of War Limburgyes
4. Bart aka "Bart78"Bas17US Armored Rifle CompanyFlames Of War Limburgyes
5. Marc aka "Chipoteur"BHeusden-Zolder33British Armoured SquadronChipyes
6. Stefan aka "SR1966"BHeusden-Zolder40German OthersFlames Of War Limburgyes
7. Sven aka "Neves"BKortrijk5British Rifle CompanyReplay Kortrijkyes
8. Ruben aka "Rubyfication"BOpglabbeek26German OthersFlames Of War Limburgyes
9. (anonym)-PanzerkompanieFlames Of War Limburgyes
10. (anonym)-US Tank CompanyFlames Of War Limburgyes
11. Dirk aka "gerion"BBeveren18British Paratrooper/Airlanding CompanyPuppeteersyes
12. (anonym)-US OthersFlames Of War Limburgyes
13. Martijn aka "FireFlyNL"NLZandeweer42US OthersNorthernWayyes
14. Hans aka "mr-Avalanche"BAntwerpen21German OthersThe puppeteersyes
15. Albert Martijn aka "Kantoken"NLSauwerd29German OthersNorthernWayyes
16. Steven aka "steevn"BKortrijk2British Paratrooper/Airlanding CompanyReplay Kortrijkyes
17. Kris aka "Speedy"BSchoten39Grenadier-/SchützenkompanieAntwerp Tabletop Gamersyes
18. Gerben aka "Sherman105"NLUtrecht6Guardeyskiy Tyazhelyi Tankovy Polkyes
19. Jeff aka "Bubba9"LDudelange24British Paratrooper/Airlanding Companyyes
20. Dennis aka "Westwall"LEll28German Othersyes

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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