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Aigle de printemps - List of Participants

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1. Julien aka "kraichti"FZillisheim56Ogre KhansSons of gamesnono
2. Amine aka "Minh"FIllzach172Dread ElvesSons of gamesnono
3. Guillaume aka "Khrom"FBesançon211Kingdom of EquitaineAigles Séquanesnono
4. Henri aka "Ashgar"FMetz246Beast HerdsCandylandnono
5. Mathieu aka "Math-CD"CHDüdingen23Infernal DwarvesSons of gamesnono
6. Maxime aka "Lichemeister"CHFribourg101Beast HerdsSons of gamesnono
7. Julien aka "Juvin"FMontrond Le Château133Dwarven HoldsAigles séquanesnono
8. Jérome aka "Elpeji"FHeillecourt179Vampire CovenantLa boule magiquenono
9. Julien aka "Elros-"FMontbéliard234Warriors of the Dark GodsLes Esprits Geeksnono
10. Jules aka "Ira"FPirey428Warriors of the Dark GodsAigles Séquanesnono
11. Eric aka "Azhag68"FSteinbach439Dwarven HoldsSons of gamesnono
12. Thomas1 aka "tox"FBesançon54Vampire Covenantnono
13. Thomas aka "Samo"CHMisery80Orcs and GoblinsSons of gamesnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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