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Open marne Championship 2 !!! - List of Participants

1. Vivien aka "Nacht"FLusigny Sur Barse547Tyranidsthe 40k librarianyes0
2. Aurélien aka "Cthulock"FTroyes-T'au Empireyes0
3. Hugo aka "Du_du"FSaint-Julien-Les-Villas580Eldar1DTROYESyes0
4. Ogier aka "Nuclearskull"FNancy277Death GuardSector Gallicusyes0
5. Sam aka "IRRADIANT"FNancy334DrukhariSector Gallicusyes0
6. Ben aka "Bestial"FReims1483Tyranidsyes0
7. Andy aka "Le-librarian"FVitry-Le-François492Adeptus Custodesthe 40k librarianyes0
8. Benoit aka "wheaver"FTroyes5Necronsthe 40k librarianyes0
9. Raynald aka "Babykranzer"FVauclerc470Thousand SonsKranzer Familyyes0
10. Sylvain aka "Harkilius"FCousances1652DrukhariLa skadrill sang traizyes0
11. Gabriel aka "vlax"FWassy67Genestealer Cultsyes0
12. Jean David aka "jeanda19"FReims353Tyranidsopen marne 51yes0
13. Stéphane aka "Borwak"FLACROIX-SUR-MEUSE727Genestealer Cultsm&n'syes0
14. Pierrick aka "Le-Roi-Des-Mouettes"FJarville-la-Malgrange537Genestealer CultsSector Gallicusyes0
15. Benjamin aka "DBZ-buu-buu"FReims246Eldaryes0
16. Michel aka "MitchAkira"FSoissons-T'au Empireyes0
17. Jérémy aka "jim02200"FSoissons5156Thousand SonsDuo ludisyes0
18. Loukas aka "loukas"FCoiffy Le Bas174Tyranidsyes0

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
Genestealer Cults:3
T'au Empire:2
Thousand Sons:2
Adeptus Custodes:1
Death Guard:1
Distribution of Origins
Marne (51):5
Aube (10):4
Meurthe-et-Moselle (54):3
Aisne (02):2
Haute-Marne (52):2
Meuse (55):2
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