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Battlefield | Call to Arms XIX - List of Participants

1. Jonas aka "Njckname"DBerlin134Chaos Space MarinesPOSAZyesyes
2. Lena aka "DeinSchlimmsterAlbtraum"DBerlin372Adeptus Mechanicusyesyes
3. (anonym)-Dark Angelsyesyes
4. Marcel aka "elodingens"DBerlin157DrukhariWGByesyes
5. Gerd aka "Aligertor"DBerlin472TyranidsWGByesyes
6. Stephane aka "Zel"DBerlin478Dark Angelsyesyes
7. Dennis aka "Zerc"DBerlin310Adeptus Custodesyesyes
8. Ronny aka "Daior"DPotsdam600Chaos Space MarinesFreeboterZyesyes
9. Martin aka "Martin279"DBerlin832Space Marinesyesyes
10. Richard aka "crop_killer"DBerlin214Adeptus Mechanicusyesyes
11. Simon aka "simonnickel"DBerlin149Tyranidsyesyes
12. Jonas aka "Reklawyks"DBerlin367T'au EmpireObsidiansyesyes
13. Hannes aka "Cute_Hamster"DBerlin217Death Guardyesyes
14. Michael aka "NukaCola"DBerlin57Adepta SororitasPOSAZyesyes
15. Sebastian aka "Khain"DBerlin71OrksPOSAZyesyes
16. Boris aka "BeastyBo"DPotsdam128Chaos DaemonsHD+yesyes
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17. Nikolai aka "Panta"DBerlin145HarlequinsPOSAZyesno
18. Fred aka "derfred"DBerlin39OrksPOSAZyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
19. Sven aka "Turbo"DBerlin726Dark AngelsPOSAZnono
20. Tim aka "Gleep"DBerlin240T'au EmpireThe Excrementalsnoyes
21. Denis aka "Florida_Boy"DBerlin36Blood AngelsPOSAZnono
22. Frank aka "sreB"DBerlin83EldarPOSAZnono
23. Jonas aka "akite"DBerlin204T'au Empirenono
24. Joe aka "roll_fast"DBerlin420Dark Angelsnoyes
25. Daniel aka "Belaris"DWeißensee-T'au Empirenono
26. Christian aka "Farlum"DEichwalde161OrksPOSAZnono

Distribution of Armies
Adeptus Mechanicus:2
Chaos Space Marines:2
Dark Angels:2
Adepta Sororitas:1
Adeptus Custodes:1
Chaos Daemons:1
Death Guard:1
Space Marines:1
T'au Empire:1
Distribution of Origins
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