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Qualif IR 2019 Grand-Est - List of Participants

1. Yoan aka "Invictus"FSaverne239EldarLes Licornes Truquéesyesyes
2. Logan aka "clone02"FGries439Astra MilitarumInstant Strastegiqueyesyes
3. Timothée aka "corfe"FHaguenau100EldarInstant Strastegiqueyesyes
4. Jean-Luc aka "zygo67"FBischwiller467TyranidsInstant Strastegiqueyesyes
5. Yoan aka "Silenoz"FVendenheim777Grey KnightsInstant Strastegiqueyesyes
6. Jonathan aka "Whoody67"FStrasbourg70EldarInstant Strastegiqueyesyes
7. Lucas aka "castor10"FFouchères287Chaos DaemonsCacayesyes
8. Pierre aka "balrock"FAuxerre233DrukhariCacayesyes
9. Florian aka "Sowaa"FVillerupt943Chaos DaemonsLes Licornes Truquéesyesyes
10. Raphael aka "zeka"FParis9OrksCacayesyes
11. Julien aka "Profy"FMesson409Grey KnightsCacayesyes
12. Sébastien aka "silversurfer"FMoyeuvre-Grande-Astra MilitarumLes Licornes Truquéesyesyes
13. Jul aka "Grimmjollow"FLes Loges Margueron35Adeptus CustodesCacayesyes
14. Vincent aka "KENNY_XXL"FStrasbourg1222The InquisitionInstant Strastegiqueyesyes
15. Lionel aka "Mera57"FMetz576Genestealer CultsLes Licornes Truquéesyesyes
16. Denis aka "Dragon_57"FMontigny Les Metz174Chaos DaemonsLes Licornes Truquéesyesyes
17. Hugo aka "Du_du"FSaint-Julien-Les-Villas295DeathwatchCacayesyes

List of teams

1Les Licornes TruquéesInvictus, Sowaa, silversurfer, Mera57, Dragon_57
2Instant Strastegiqueclone02, corfe, zygo67, Silenoz, Whoody67, KENNY_XXL
3Cacacastor10, balrock, zeka, Profy, Grimmjollow, Du_du

Distribution of Armies
Chaos Daemons:3
Astra Militarum:2
Grey Knights:2
Adeptus Custodes:1
Genestealer Cults:1
The Inquisition:1
Distribution of Origins
Bas-Rhin (67):7
Aube (10):4
Moselle (57):3
Meurthe-et-Moselle (54):1
Paris (75):1
Yonne (89):1
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