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Tournoi Warhammer Underworlds Avril 2019 Nord Strat - List of Participants

1. Jean Charles aka "Karlus"FBruay Sur L'escaut90Thorns of the Briar QueenNord Stratégieyesyes
2. Arthur aka "Arthorius"FBruay Sur L'escaut156Sepulchral GuardNord Stratégieyesyes
3. Steeve aka "raziels59"FBruay Sur Escaut292Steelheart's Championsnord strategieyesyes
4. Nicolas aka "zovitch"FLeers254Spiteclaw's Swarmyesyes
5. Lecomte aka "Cochondinde-nator"FHaybes106Magore’s FiendsLe retour des gruiks ardentsyesyes
6. Sebastien aka "Harceleur_en_chef"FVicq-Eyes of the NineNord Stratégieyesyes
7. Virgile aka "Jamedbol"FRocroi188Ironskull's BoyzLe retour des gruiks ardentsyesyes
8. Thibault aka "VaeVictis_"FCharleville-Mézières85Zarbag’s GitzLe retour des gruiks ardentsyesyes
9. Ludovic aka "Roberto_Malone"FLille-Garrek's ReaversNord Stratégieyesyes
10. Clément aka "Grimork"FVALENCIENNES21Magore’s Fiendsyesyes
11. Nicolas aka "Grodur"FLille-The Chosen Axesyesyes
12. Ludovic aka "ludic72"FHérin236Godsworn HuntNord Stratégieyesyes
13. Hugues aka "grogro"FLille101The Chosen Axesyesyes
14. Jean-Baptiste D.FClermont-Stormsire's Cursebreakersyesyes
15. Yann aka "Unicorn"FLille-Godsworn Huntyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Godsworn Hunt:2
Magore’s Fiends:2
The Chosen Axes:2
Eyes of the Nine:1
Garrek's Reavers:1
Ironskull's Boyz:1
Sepulchral Guard:1
Spiteclaw's Swarm:1
Steelheart's Champions:1
Stormsire's Cursebreakers:1
Thorns of the Briar Queen:1
Zarbag’s Gitz:1
Distribution of Origins
Nord (59):11
Ardennes (08):3
Oise (60):1
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