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Tournoi Batman Miniature Games Avril 2019 Nord Strat - List of Participants

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1. Jean Charles aka "Karlus"FBruay Sur L'escaut6The Brave and the BoldNord Stratégienono
2. Tanguy aka "TangeeK"FValenciennes1The Riddlernono
3. Adrien aka "Matraque"FBruay-Sur-L’Escaut-The Brave and the BoldCuir moustachenono
4. Simon aka "Nihilus62"FCalais-MilitiaLes Squigs du Nordnono
5. Jonathan aka "punisherx62x"FCalais7The Brave and the BoldLes Squigs du Nordnono
6. David-Alexandre aka "minus_marker"FMontigny-En-Cambrésis3The Brave and the BoldMeeples & Conono
7. Steeve aka "raziels59"FBruay Sur Escaut10The Penguinnord strategienono
8. Rudy aka "Rudy-le-vrai"FHénin Beaumont-Banenono

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