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[EDEN] Open de l'Est > Les Arènes du Graoully VIII - List of Participants

1. Patrice aka "Cerumno"FDistroff75Clan BamakaPCFPIyes
2. Johan aka "MoneyTime"BLa Louvière30AskariAs qui rientyes
3. Pascal aka "kalamical"FCarvin71AskariAs qui rientyes
4. Guillaume aka "courleciel"FJanneyrias96The HordeLes Hors d'euxyes
5. Gregory aka "Rafaruto"FStrasburg7The HordeLes Anthropophages de l'Estyes
6. Mickaël aka "Grey_Micky"FPierre-Bénite111The HordeLes Hors d'euxyes
7. David aka "Julk"FSarry113JokersRoumoulesyes
8. Benoit aka "Bloodyben"FLa Chapelle Saint Luc113JokersRoumoulesyes
9. Sébastien aka "MetalBeerSolid"FL'Haÿ Les Roses5Clan KhanThis Is PASTAT!!!yes
10. Nathan aka "Natalo"FVauhallan15Clan KhanThis Is PASTAT!!!yes
11. Hyun-Jin aka "Njinn"FPalaiseau57ISCTHIS IS PAS(très)STAT !!!yes
12. Arnaud aka "Valefor"FForbach97MatriarchyYannyes
13. Maxime aka "MaximeLeBarbare"FMontmorency8ISCTHIS IS PAS(très)STAT !!!yes
14. Yves aka "alfy"FSchweighouse302Clan BamakaPCFPIyes
15. Pascal aka "Vaelys"FRichardménil3The HordeLes Anthropophages de l'Estyes
16. Yann aka "mackay"FMaizière Les Metz40MatriarchyYannyes

List of teams

1Les Anthropophages de l'EstRafaruto, Vaelys
2As qui rientMoneyTime, kalamical
3PCFPICerumno, alfy
4This Is PASTAT!!!MetalBeerSolid, Natalo
5Les Hors d'euxcourleciel, Grey_Micky
6RoumoulesBloodyben, Julk
7YannValefor, mackay
8THIS IS PAS(très)STAT !!!MaximeLeBarbare, Njinn

Distribution of Armies
The Horde:4
Clan Bamaka:2
Clan Khan:2
Distribution of Origins
Moselle (57):3
Bas-Rhin (67):2
Essonne (91):2
Aube (10):1
Isère (38):1
Marne (51):1
Meurthe-et-Moselle (54):1
Pas-de-Calais (62):1
Rhône (69):1
Saône-et-Loire (71):1
Val-de-Marne (94):1
Val-d'Oise (95):1
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