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[WARMA] Arènes du Graoully VIII - List of Participants

1. Thierry aka "Ticamp_des_bois"FBesancon68Protectorate of MenothDoubs You Playyes
2. Loïc aka "Ash"FKanfen208Legion of Everblightyes
3. Jean-Philippe aka "Wolves_of_Brutus"FLyon64Legion of Everblightyes
4. Xavier aka "Dr_Cox"FSt Dizier216Protectorate of Menothsortez les pansements...yes
5. Lionel aka "stabe"FNancy104Trollbloodyes
6. Frederic aka "Fred57"FMetz11The Skorneyes
7. Xavier aka "Sharkface"BJambes (Namur)39TrollbloodFratres Lupusyes
8. Maverick aka "PeterStone"BNamur61KhadorFratres Lupusyes
9. Alex aka "Bellor"BNamur126The Circle Orborosyes
10. Florian aka "TBT"FMontigny Les Metz14Crucible GuardFalbalayes
11. Guillaume aka "rabanuts"FMoutiers189Protectorate of Menothblitz 57yes

Distribution of Armies
Protectorate of Menoth:3
Legion of Everblight:2
Crucible Guard:1
The Circle Orboros:1
The Skorne:1
Distribution of Origins
Moselle (57):3
Marne (51):2
Meurthe-et-Moselle (54):2
Doubs (25):1
Manche (50):1
Haute-Marne (52):1
Rhône (69):1
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