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[WARMA] Arènes du Graoully VIII - List of Participants

1. Thierry aka "Ticamp_des_bois"FBesancon73Protectorate of MenothDoubs You Playyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Jean-Paul aka "Mhean"BArlon9Cygnarno
3. Frederic aka "Fred57"FMetz30The Skorneno
4. Lionel aka "stabe"FNancy116Trollbloodno
5. Jean-Philippe aka "Wolves_of_Brutus"FLyon89Legion of Everblightno
6. Xavier aka "Sharkface"BJambes (Namur)28TrollbloodFratres Lupusno
7. Florian aka "TBT"FMontigny Les Metz11Crucible GuardFalbalano
8. Sylvain aka "Vano"FDijon87The Circle OrborosSteam Powered Dukesno
9. David aka "Krador"FMassy68KhadorAgadelatélévisionetpisdorsno
10. Xavier aka "Dr_Cox"FSt Dizier216Protectorate of Menothsortez les pansements...no
11. Loïc aka "Ash"FKanfen203Legion of Everblightno
12. Fabrice aka "Staym3tal"FVergèze-Legion of Everblightno

Distribution of Armies
Protectorate of Menoth:1
Distribution of Origins
Doubs (25):1
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