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Clash of Kings European Cup - List of Participants

1. Clement aka "Lebull"FVillejoubert3The League of RhordiaRoll on your faceyesyes
2. Céline aka "sahtines"FSaint-saturnin62Legions of the AbyssRoll on your faceyesyes
3. Bastien aka "bastien16"FAngoulême50Legions of the AbyssRoll on your faceyesyes
4. Mehdi aka "Alphie"FLyon12UndeadSons of Gamesyesyes
5. Michel aka "Kutchuc"FToulouse7The Trident Realms of NeriticaOrk'N Azesyesyes
6. Rachid aka "Le_Cul_de_Jatte"FGermignac11Empire of DustDéfouraille and Coyesyes
7. Pierre-Antoine aka "CH1PS"FChâteaubriant34BasileansDéfouraille and Coyesyes
8. Tommy aka "Lewitran"FLyon22ElvesSons of Gamesyesyes
9. Timothée aka "Knurlnien"FToulouse1ElvesOrk'N Azesyesyes
10. Thierry aka "El_chatardo"FLa Salvetat St Gilles6Legions of the AbyssOrk'N Azesyesyes
11. Luc aka "Astrabell"FPINSAGUEL53Forces of NatureOrk'N Azesyesyes
12. Kevin aka "Ketep"FAureil14UndeadMagisteres lemovices forbannisyesyes
13. Jean Luc aka "PPstilence"FSt Bonnet Briance38FrenchMagisteres lemovices forbannisyesyes
14. Marc aka "Thorvald"FLimoges155DwarfsMagisteres lemovices forbannisyesyes
15. Christophe aka "Althair"FAngoulême68Twilight KinAAJHyesyes
16. Louis aka "Domdom"FLa Thuile9BasileansSons of Gamesyesyes
17. Dieu aka "Shub-Niggurath"Les Montagnes Hallucinées18Legions of the AbyssSons of Gamesyesyes
18. Philippe aka "Hector"FLe Havre127Undeadyesyes
19. Thibault aka "Chapelier"FVaujours28The Trident Realms of NeriticaDéfouraille and Coyesyes
20. Laurent aka "Varesko"FLimoges75GoblinsMagisteres lemovices forbannisyesyes
21. Eugene K.F-FantasyRussieyesyes
22. Vitaliy M.F-FantasyRussieyesyes
23. Michael F.F-FantasyRussieyesyes
24. Seygey K.F-FantasyRussieyesyes
25. Eric aka "Fusil1-1"FSt Sulpice Des Landes10OgresDéfouraille and Coyesyes
26. Bail B.F-Fantasyyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Legions of the Abyss:4
The Trident Realms of Neritica:2
Empire of Dust:1
Forces of Nature:1
The League of Rhordia:1
Twilight Kin:1
Distribution of Origins
Charente (16):4
Haute-Garonne (31):4
Haute-Vienne (87):4
Loire-Atlantique (44):2
Rhône (69):2
Charente-Maritime (17):1
Corrèze (19):1
Savoie (73):1
Seine-Maritime (76):1
Seine-Saint-Denis (93):1
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