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Battlefield Berlin X-Wing - List of Participants

1. Daniel aka "TrevorColby"DBerlin1094Rebel AllianceSlot-Rockeryes
2. Richard aka "Asmodeon"DBerlin-Rebel Allianceyes
3. Danny aka "Angel-Interceptor"DBerlin-Galactic EmpireSonntagsfliegeryes
4. Arno aka "Belisarion"DUeckermünde858Rebel Allianceyes
5. Thorim aka "Thorim"DDresden565Galactic EmpireOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
6. Bülent aka "jessey-blue"DBerlin362Rebel Alliance17th racoon squadronno
7. Sebastian aka "ItsATrap"DBerlin295Rebel AllianceDCSno
8. Tama aka "Tama"DBerlin305Rebel Allianceno
9. Sebastian aka "curi"DSpremberg87Scum and VillainyOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzno
10. Bettina aka "Amidala"DSpremberg306Rebel AllianceOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzno
11. Lorant aka "Fel"DBerlin981Rebel Allianceno
12. Alex aka "Miles"DBerlin479Scum and Villainyno
13. Oliver aka "Baron-Lutschbaer"DBerlin248Galactic EmpireDCSno
14. Kai aka "Rancor"DBerlin1501Galactic EmpireMuskeltiereno
15. Marko aka "Starwing"DGlienicke220Galactic EmpireDCSno
16. Luis aka "Rex"DGlienicke/Nordbahn325ResistanceDCSno

Distribution of Armies
Rebel Alliance:3
Galactic Empire:2
Distribution of Origins
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