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Limouzi Underwolrd 5 - List of Participants

1. Alexandre aka "Alex33"FSaint-Maurice-Les-Brousses71Mollog’s Mobyes
2. Thomas aka "Georgio"FRilhac-Rancon40Zarbag’s Gitzyes
3. Xavier aka "Kami"FFleury-les-Aubrais10Magore’s FiendsGruik !!!yes
4. Sacha aka "Skwal"FLimoges27Zarbag’s GitzTeam temple du jeuyes
5. Arthur aka "Reploid"FLimoges39Godsworn HuntTeam temple du jeuyes
6. Bran aka "Bran"FLimoges215Mollog’s Mobyes
7. Damien aka "Poete"FMérignac13Mollog’s Mobyes
8. François aka "frrrrrranz"FSaint Leonard De Noblat194Magore’s Fiendsyes
9. Nicolas aka "Orry"FFloirac15Magore’s Fiendsyes
10. Laurent aka "Auspex"FLa Forêt du Temple57Eyes of the Nineyes
11. Antoine aka "Danith"FSaint Jean Le Blanc68Garrek's Reaversyes

Distribution of Armies
Magore’s Fiends:3
Mollog’s Mob:3
Zarbag’s Gitz:2
Eyes of the Nine:1
Garrek's Reavers:1
Godsworn Hunt:1
Distribution of Origins
Haute-Vienne (87):6
Gironde (33):2
Loiret (45):2
Creuse (23):1
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