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Tournoi du Printemps - List of Participants

1. Maxime aka "hogass"FLyon48EmpireVictory Club de Lyonno
2. Mathieu aka "GreenLeader"FVilleurbanne25RebelsSalopards de rebellesno
3. Johan aka "Darth_Totoro"FSaint-Etienne19RebelsC3Fno
4. Clément aka "Mordecain"FLyon11EmpireVictory Club de Lyonno
5. Frédéric aka "Bobafred69"FVénissieux70RebelsClub Achilleno
6. Jeremy aka "pellegr"FLyon27EmpireClub Achilleno
7. Nicolas aka "Umibozu"FFirminy51EmpireEn pireno
8. Belot aka "AmiralSnake"FLyon-Rebelsno

Distribution of Armies
Distribution of Origins
Rhône (69):6
Loire (42):2
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