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Tournoi Patrouille des Squigs du Nord 2019 - List of Participants

1. Thomas aka "Onlysan"FCalais5497T'au EmpireSquigs du nordyesyes
2. Guillaume aka "Requiem62"FClamart549Astra Militarumyesno
3. Laurent aka "MoitiePlus"FCalais667Grey KnightsSquigs du nordyesyes
4. Adrien aka "Seeker62"FCalais284Blood Angelsyesyes
5. Laurent aka "algheroth"FLyons-la-Forêt1387Orksyesyes
6. Aaah aka "Magnor"FBoulogne sur Mer557Astra Militarumyesno
7. Alexis aka "Poulpy"FArras110NecronsDTCyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
8. Christophe aka "arhabal"FCalais1101Chaos Space MarinesSquigs du nordnono
9. Emmanuel aka "vistenholder"FBourbourg561Adeptus Mechanicusnono
10. François aka "zacks"FSt Folquin650EldarOpale gammersnono
11. Jonathan aka "punisherx62x"FCalais1427Space Marinespunish teamnoyes
12. Sylvia aka "Zagara"FCalais1603DrukhariLes dragons noirsnono
13. Antoine aka "Yashinn"FBoulogne-sur-Mer413The InquisitionItchy Squigsnono
14. Stephane aka "stormbringer"FCalais364Blood AngelsBlood Brothersnono
15. Alexandre aka "Popov"FBoulogne-sur-Mer2877Drukharinono
16. Olivier aka "Akodo"FCalais-OrksEul Patrouill' a GITZITnoyes
17. Frédéric aka "alf2370"FMarck3703Death GuardSQUIGS DU NORDnono
18. Emeric aka "Gros_steak"FRollot6DeathwatchMargarita poolnono
19. Guillaume aka "Guyzmo668"FVilleneuve D'ascq93The InquisitionUn-d-fininono
20. Gregory aka "Fenryl"FCalais1780DrukhariLes voleurs d'âmesnono
21. Maxime aka "Pippin"FHazebrouck697Astra MilitarumLa bromancenono
22. Axel aka "Argentius"FHazebrouck757DrukhariLa bromancenono
23. Geoffrey aka "azakiel62"FCalais296DrukhariSquigsnono
24. Mathieu aka "Seyrred"FCalais2304Grey KnightsSquigs du nordnono
25. Thomas aka "Blackthorgal"FBville City Gang1272T'au Empirenono

Distribution of Armies
Astra Militarum:2
Blood Angels:1
Grey Knights:1
T'au Empire:1
Distribution of Origins
Pas-de-Calais (62):5
Eure (27):1
Hauts-de-Seine (92):1
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