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Hyperspace Trial Charleroi - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Pieter aka "Phineas"BMechelen17ResistanceEgo Squadronnono
2. Matthieu aka "Celewyr"FPhalempin25Galactic EmpireNorthern Rebel Squadronnono
3. Jimmy aka "BB-H8"BBalen1ResistanceEgo Squadronnono
4. Niek aka "Qanar"BEdegem11ResistanceEgo Squadronnono
5. Nick aka "Nicknack"BMechelen15Separatist AllianceEgo Squadronnono
6. Laurent aka "Auramagma"BHognoul14Scum and Villainynono
7. Steve aka "Henniak"BBouffioulx43First Ordernono
8. Xavier aka "Cartazimut"BMons28Rebel AllianceCartazimutnono
9. Nicolas aka "bayushi"FLille81Rebel AllianceNorthern Rebel Squadronnono
10. Frédéric aka "Gremios"BNamur133Galactic Empirenono
11. Olivier aka "DC-14"BBruxelles29Rebel AllianceR2T3nono
12. Raphael aka "Rahfa"BBruxelles2Galactic EmpireR2T3nono
13. Thomas aka "Gr1mbone"BTrazegnies59First OrderLudo Squadronnono
14. Arnault aka "Arnault"BGerpinnes3Scum and VillainyLudo Squadronnono
15. Arnaud aka "Manda"BGerpinnes24ResistanceLudo Squadronnono
16. Didier aka "Acapulco"BErembodegem26Rebel AllianceHermelijnnono
17. Thomas aka "Lockonstratos"BRoosdaal18ResistanceHermelijnnono
18. Benoît aka "Aslar"BNamur20Rebel AllianceZ.S.M.F.Cnono
19. Olivier aka "bong"BLiège37Rebel Alliancenono
20. Jonathan aka "Elda"BBruxelles7Galactic EmpireR2T3nono
21. Johan aka "lauthian"BGesves9Scum and VillainyZ.S.M.F.Cnono
22. Steve aka "Troll_mops"BPapignies5Galactic EmpireR2T3nono
23. Yves aka "RookiePilot"BSpy57Rebel Alliancenono
24. Manuel aka "Hobs"BBrussels21Separatist AllianceR2T3nono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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