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Xwing Deluxe Kit Tournament - List of Participants

1. Olivier aka "Batav"FBayeux422Galactic RepublicInglorious Blastersno
2. Nicolas aka "Benhur-Marcel"FBaron-Sur-Odon240Galactic EmpireInglorious blastersno
3. Liam aka "Grievous-Liam"FBaron-Sur-Odon265Rebel AllianceInglorious blastersno
4. Yannick aka "bilstein"FCaen273First OrderOrange leaderno
5. Frederic aka "orcrose2-Freddy"FTourlaville584Galactic EmpireZykë Ciziano
6. Nils aka "suricate"FTourlaville1233Scum and VillainyZykë Ciziano
7. Christophe aka "Chris14"FCormelles-Le-Royal806Rebel Allianceno

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Empire:2
Rebel Alliance:2
First Order:1
Galactic Republic:1
Scum and Villainy:1
Distribution of Origins
Calvados (14):5
Manche (50):2
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