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4. TTS-Cup: Warhammer 40.000 - List of Participants

1. Stefan aka "unkonzentriert"DLeipzig196DeathwatchTabletop Sachsenyesno
2. Damian aka "DirtyDee"DLeipzig496OrksTabletop Sachsenyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Mathieu aka "Markusoeuf"DLeipzig919Astra Militarumnono
4. Christian aka "Bolsch"DLeipzig276Space MarinesTabletop Sachsennono
5. Stefan aka "Sei1"DSaalfeld/Saale-Orksnono
6. Tom aka "Sei2"DSaalfeld/Saale-Astra Militarumnono
7. Lukas aka "Sei3"DSaalfeld/Saale-T'au Empirenono
8. Christian aka "Karskin192"DJena665Drukharinono
9. David aka "Tyrant242"DLeipzig187TyranidsTabletop Sachsennono
10. Konrad aka "BobbylyPeterly"DLeipzig1211Astra MilitarumLegions of Victorynono
11. Philipp aka "Melchesidek"DLeipzig-OrksLegions of Victorynono

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