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Tournoi Bolt Action - List of Participants

1. Patrick aka "marveric"FBesancon24Soviet Armymarvericyes10
2. Didier aka "Bulldogmaster"FBesançon19British Armyyes10
3. Martin aka "Tintamar"FThorigné Fouillard23US ArmyTinmars parasyes10
4. Mickael aka "Black"FBesancon33French ArmyBlackyes10
5. Philippe aka "philix"FBesançon21British Armyyes10
6. Frederic aka "dizzy70"FFouchécourt7Japanese ArmyChoucroute VS Cassouletyes10

Distribution of Armies
British Army:2
French Army:1
Japanese Army:1
Soviet Army:1
US Army:1
Distribution of Origins
Doubs (25):4
Ille-et-Vilaine (35):1
Haute-Saône (70):1
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