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Tournoi Bolt Action - List of Participants

1. Patrick aka "marveric"FBesancon-Soviet Armymarvericyes10
2. Didier aka "Bulldogmaster"FBesançon-British Armyyes10
3. Martin aka "Tintamar"FThorigné Fouillard-US ArmyTinmars parasyes10
4. Mickael aka "Black"FBesancon-French ArmyBlackyes10
5. Philippe aka "philix"FBesançon-British Armyyes10
6. Frederic aka "dizzy70"FFouchécourt-Japanese ArmyChoucroute VS Cassouletyes10

Distribution of Armies
British Army:2
French Army:1
Japanese Army:1
Soviet Army:1
US Army:1
Distribution of Origins
Doubs (25):4
Ille-et-Vilaine (35):1
Haute-Saône (70):1
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