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Eden - GUILD'Con 3 - L'Open de Nuit ! - List of Participants

1. Adrien aka "Pantoufle"FVillenave d'Ornon46The ConvoyG.U.I.L.Dno
2. Louis aka "Azerkasar"FCondé36Askari3°Aspectno
3. Clement aka "lafouine"FLe magny40The Convoy3°Aspectno
4. Martin aka "Fanckem"FBELIN BELIET50JokersG.U.I.L.Dno
5. Quentin aka "Gierulf-le-loup"FSt Jean de Maurienne9ResistanceSudet Sodanno
6. Guillaume aka "Guigz"FSaint Jean88The ConvoyZone 31no

Distribution of Armies
The Convoy:3
Distribution of Origins
Gironde (33):2
Indre (36):2
Haute-Garonne (31):1
Savoie (73):1
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