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B.B.A.III - 1DTroyes - Briskars - Solo - List of Participants

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1. Flavien aka "radagast"FArcis sur Aube8Quintors1 D troyesno
2. Florent aka "CrazyWaiki"FSaint Germain Les Corbeils35MercenairesAsgardno
3. Gaultier aka "Grimaldus50"FSartrouville198Quintorsno
4. Marc aka "YoMi"FEstaires5IchtiensC.S.B.A.Pno
5. Geoffroy aka "Furibard"FChatou105MercenairesFuribardno
6. Arnaud aka "Grifter59"FTourcoing6ExiledLa Flamme d'Argentno
7. Dimitri aka "Viramar"FVersailles22Mercenairesno
8. Lionel aka "youn29"FRoubaix-QuintorsRonchin Model clubno
9. Florent aka "Cernunnos"FHazebrouck7ExiledRonchin Model Clubno
10. Mathieu aka "mathieu109"FSainte Savine94Sundarsno
11. Antoine C.FFâches Thumesnil-MercenairesRonchin Model clubno
12. Pierre Alain aka "Morgianna"FTroyes9Maoks1 D troyesno
13. Matthieu aka "MorMatt"FArcis-sur-Aube61Orénauques1 D troyesno

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Distribution of Origins
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