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Clash de Givors en Jeu - List of Participants

1. David aka "modii666"FSaint Egreve30Magore’s Fiendsyes
2. Sylvain aka "YoPcoco"FGenilac258Magore’s Fiendsyes
3. Nicolas aka "Vargounet"FAnnecy91Thorns of the Briar Queenyes
4. Morgan aka "rainbowdash"FLyon6Godsworn HuntAmazing ninja pas si amazingyes
5. Tristan aka "Tristan25"FGivors-Thorns of the Briar Queenyes
6. Rémi aka "RUN"FFeyzin70Spiteclaw's SwarmClan Boriayes
7. Nath aka "Senzuno"FFeyzin155Mollog’s MobClan Boriayes
8. Nicolas aka "Grenouille"FVienne24Spiteclaw's SwarmMootyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
9. François aka "Kozo"FClermont Ferrand39Garrek's ReaversLe Consortium Gastrikno
10. Victor aka "Eloi_De_Murphy"FGrenoble2Eyes of the Nineno
11. Mathieu aka "mathew"FEybens5Thorns of the Briar Queenno
12. Loan aka "loan"FVienne44Magore’s FiendsTriple critno
13. David aka "Blandeblan"FSt Chamond-Mollog’s Mobno
14. Erwan aka "airforsswaaan"FVillefontaine45The Chosen AxesCTRno
15. Matthieu aka "arkdae"FSaint-Etienne103Ironskull's Boyzno
16. Nicolas aka "Bedwyr"FEchirolles74Spiteclaw's SwarmRatatouille and Co.no

Distribution of Armies
Magore’s Fiends:2
Spiteclaw's Swarm:2
Thorns of the Briar Queen:2
Godsworn Hunt:1
Mollog’s Mob:1
Distribution of Origins
Rhône (69):4
Isère (38):2
Loire (42):1
Haute-Savoie (74):1
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