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9. Mandal Cup Rostock *Deluxe Wave* - List of Participants

1. Robert aka "LeRoi"DThulendorf500Galactic EmpireTabletop Rostockyes
2. Björn aka "Bobby802"DKiel99Rebel AllianceFish & Shipsyes
3. Eric H.DSanitz-Scum and Villainyyes
4. Matthias aka "goldi_matze"DGüstrow112Rebel AllianceTabletop Rostockyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
5. Ole aka "ole"DRostock357Scum and VillainySwoop Gangno
6. Dirk aka "Asmo"DRostock1079Galactic EmpireTabletop Rostockno
7. Heiner aka "Scarous"DRostock52First OrderTabletop Rostockno
8. Mathias aka "Cryt"DLübeck1274ResistanceLudo Liubice e.V.no
9. Martin aka "Maddin"DRostock470Scum and VillainySwoop Gangno
10. Mirco aka "Yokkel"DLübeck242Galactic EmpireLudo Liubice e.V.no
11. Lars aka "AcesHigh"DRostock-Rebel AllianceTabletop Rostockno
12. Danny aka "Ragulsor"DNeumünster37Galactic RepublicNorth Rim Raidersno
13. Alexander aka "luke732"DKiel7Rebel AllianceFish & Shipsno
14. Hans-Dieter aka "LordCroppe"DRostock2015ResistanceSwoop Gangno

Distribution of Armies
Rebel Alliance:2
Galactic Empire:1
Scum and Villainy:1
Distribution of Origins
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