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Age of Myths - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Walter aka "Bloodborne"AStraßwalchen12Daughters of KhaineGamers Finestyes
2. Gamers aka "Gamers-Finest"ASalzburg12Maggotkin of NurgleGamers Finestyes
3. Daniel aka "potatoejunky"ABad Ischl9Maggotkin of NurgleCircle of Lifeyes
4. (anonym)-SylvanethIrgendwasyes
5. Raphael aka "Thorms"ASalzburg14Stormcast EternalsStormnurgleyes
6. Rupert aka "Django_2"ASalzburg14Maggotkin of NurgleStormnurgleyes
7. Louis aka "tekniker"AKarlstift22Clans SkyreRobot Unicorn Attackyes
8. Melanie aka "Melifaux"AKarlstift22Stormcast EternalsRobot Unicorn Attackyes
9. Philip aka "Goht"DBerchtesgaden17Flesh-eater CourtsBloody Deathyes
10. Justus aka "Jus"AMicheldorf In Oberã¶Sterreich20IronjawzIrgendwasyes
11. Thomas aka "Techmarine"AOberalm17Daughters of KhaineBloody Deathyes
12. Markus aka "Lobolinolo"ASt. Wolfgang9SylvanethCircle of Lifeyes

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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