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1. Schatzjagd in der Scheune - List of Participants

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1. Andre aka "Latura"DKerpen-Stormsire's CursebreakersDas Krokodil und sein Nilpferdno
2. Thomas aka "DisasterPeace"DBrühl-Mollog’s Mobno
3. Tobias aka "Tordek"DBonn-Zarbag’s GitzBonner Tabletop Communityno
4. Sven aka "Mortis"DWesseling-Steelheart's ChampionsBedburger Tabletopfreundeno
5. Sascha aka "Kharn86"DElsdorf81Magore’s FiendsExpendable Squadronno
6. Benjamin aka "Ben4free"DLeverkusen52Eyes of the NineSpieleschmiede Club e.V.no

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