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Casualworlds - List of Participants

1. Schamper aka "Goupille"FDelouze-rosières184The Chosen Axesyesyes
2. Marc aka "worstymarc"FMetz337Magore’s FiendsCASUAL Teamyesyes
3. Yann aka "mackay"FMaizière Les Metz248Steelheart's Championsyesyes
4. Nicolas aka "Nicorks"FPulnoy110Sepulchral GuardSector Gallicusyesyes
5. Pierre aka "Pierrot57"FMetz411Sepulchral GuardCAESAR TEAMyesyes
6. Victor aka "Minipierrot"F-Garrek's Reaversyesyes
7. Lionel aka "stabe"FNancy225Thorns of the Briar Queenyesyes
8. Arthur aka "NCYSouth"FNancy201Stormsire's Cursebreakersyesyes
9. Nicolas aka "Krabby"FMetz301Ironskull's Boyzyesyes
10. Julien aka "squigg"FMetz-Ylthari's Guardiansyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Sepulchral Guard:2
Garrek's Reavers:1
Ironskull's Boyz:1
Magore’s Fiends:1
Steelheart's Champions:1
Stormsire's Cursebreakers:1
The Chosen Axes:1
Thorns of the Briar Queen:1
Ylthari's Guardians:1
Distribution of Origins
Moselle (57):6
Meurthe-et-Moselle (54):3
Meuse (55):1
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