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X-Wing - Wave Championship - FUNtainment Berlin - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Fabian aka "Karghan"DBerlin64Galactic EmpireAggromech Berlinnono
2. Florian aka "Verco"DBerlin286Galactic RepublicAggromech Berlinnono
3. Sebastian aka "ItsATrap"DBerlin339Rebel AllianceDCSnono
4. Jonas aka "bob-47"DBerlin-Galactic Republicnono
5. Paul aka "Enir"DBerlin1123Galactic Empirenono
6. Sebastian aka "Bonezai"DBerlin111Scum and VillainyAggromech Berlinnono
7. Tama aka "Tama"DBerlin307Galactic Empirenono
8. Bülent aka "jessey-blue"DBerlin368Rebel Alliance17th racoon squadronnono
9. Steffen aka "Karldobi"DFichtenwalde445Galactic EmpireStardust Cowboysnono
10. Kasimir aka "Black-Devil"DMichendorf105Galactic EmpireStardust Cowboysnono
11. Thilo aka "Thilol"DBerlin60Galactic EmpireAggromech Berlinnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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