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Les Fondus de la Poutre - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sébastien aka "vandir"CHSion7T'au EmpireLa confrérie galactiquenono
2. Tristan aka "Titi44"CHChapelle-sur-Moudon3Space MarinesLa confrérie galactiquenono
3. Maxime aka "Tiquolol"CHBulle22Chaos DaemonsAdeptus Geekusnono
4. Benjamin aka "Ashanys"CHMartigny14Harlequinsla Confrérie Galactiquenono
5. Florian aka "Thurler"CHBulle5EldarAdeptus Geekusnono
6. Laurent aka "DingZy"CHMurist-Astra MilitarumLes Cucardsnono
7. Matthieu aka "Altahyr"CHChoëx1TyranidsLa confrérie galactiquenono
8. Adrien aka "Zaryal"CHMarly132TyranidsAdeptus Geekusnono
9. Jonathan aka "Ceaucescu"CHRiaz-Necronsnono
10. Sylvain aka "sylvalan"CHGrolley-Astra MilitarumAdeptus Geekusnono
11. Samy aka "Snatsch"CHLausanne31Necronsnono
12. Raphael aka "pandeuss"CHEchallens24Space Marinesnono
13. Benjamin aka "Alvaten"CHSion15Space MarinesLes Mines de Plombsnono
14. Kevin aka "Faro"CHMoudon28Tyranidsnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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