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Malifaux in Bordeaux - Guild Con 3 - List of Participants

1. William aka "Zanghjiao"FGradignan19The Ten ThundersG.U.I.L.Dno
2. Samuel aka "syco"FVillentrois16The GremlinsBayou bashingno
3. Rémi aka "Gryff"FToulouse3The OutcastsToulousain Malin!no
4. Rémi aka "Mephi"FNouzilly12The Ten ThundersMaelstrom tourangeauno
5. Olivier aka "ulrian"FToulenne1The ResurrectionistsG.U.I.L.Dno
6. Giovanni aka "JellyRoll"FToulouse13The OutcastsJelly Rollno
7. Jérôme aka "Vangerdahast"FBordeaux-The ArcanistsG.U.I.L.Dno
8. Gilles aka "Laborde"FSaint Médard En Jalles-The GuildG.U.I.L.Dno

Distribution of Armies
The Outcasts:2
The Ten Thunders:2
The Arcanists:1
The Gremlins:1
The Guild:1
The Resurrectionists:1
Distribution of Origins
Gironde (33):4
Haute-Garonne (31):2
Indre (36):1
Indre-et-Loire (37):1
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