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La guerre au Temple du Jeu Brest #1 - List of Participants

1. Lionel aka "Asmael"FBrest748Death Guardno
2. Thiebaud aka "titiofchaos"FSaint segal1088Death GuardCampino
3. Philippe-Erwan aka "sardynaluile"FBrest5177Astra Militarumno
4. Fred aka "Vector"FPlouédern-Necronsno
5. Jeremy aka "Psychobilly"FBrest1126Chaos DaemonsAnimus&Cortexno
6. Corentin aka "Noadkajoo"FPleyben1023Astra Militarumno

Distribution of Armies
Astra Militarum:2
Death Guard:2
Chaos Daemons:1
Distribution of Origins
Finistère (29):6
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