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1er tournoi guild ball à bain de bretagne - List of Participants

1. Nicolas aka "mushin"FPlougastel-Daoulas44Mortician's GuildAnimus & cortexno
2. Antoine aka "tonioscorpio"FSaint Pol De Léon17Mason's GuildAnimus & cortexno
3. Mathieu aka "Scorpion-"FLaval-Falconer's GuildSquig à lunettesno
4. Gauthier aka "bourrin"FQuestembert3Blacksmith's GuildTeam France 1no
5. Sam aka "samagace"FBain-De-Bretagne-Mason's Guildno
6. Rémy aka "Shoofshoof"FVendee73Engineer's GuildTeam 17no
7. Gauvain aka "Thyamath"FBrest10Fisherman's GuildAnimus & cortexno
8. Romain aka "romG"FVannes20Blacksmith's Guildno
9. Cyril aka "Nefer29"FGOUESNOU98Butcher's GuildAnimus & cortexno

Distribution of Armies
Blacksmith's Guild:2
Mason's Guild:2
Butcher's Guild:1
Engineer's Guild:1
Falconer's Guild:1
Fisherman's Guild:1
Mortician's Guild:1
Distribution of Origins
Finistère (29):4
Morbihan (56):2
Ille-et-Vilaine (35):1
Mayenne (53):1
Vendée (85):1
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