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Regular Turnier des Gryphon Squad Season 19-1 - List of Participants

1. Toni aka "TG81"DMannheim201Galactic Republicyes
2. Moritz aka "MS181"DMannheim187Galactic Empireyes
3. Christian aka "DOME"DKarlsruhe12Galactic RepublicWookieetreiberyes
4. Alexander aka "Aggrecan"DHeidelberg1104Separatist AllianceGryphon Squadyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
5. Alexander aka "kaempes"DHammersbach124Separatist AllianceBembel-Bomberno
6. Bert aka "Hachimon"DMühlheim584Rebel AllianceMain Squadronno
7. Andreas aka "Rogue9"DHeidelberg1250Rebel AllianceGryphon Squadno
8. Stefan aka "SomethinFierce"DSchwetzingen648First OrderGryphon Squadno
9. Oliver aka "kaibabros"DKetsch529Galactic RepublicGryphon Squadno
10. Matthias aka "Khabarakh"DFrankenthal223Galactic EmpireGryphon Squadno
11. Oliver aka "Gariel"DSchefflenz110Galactic RepublicGeschwader der guten Launeno
12. Andreas aka "TheRealStarkiller"DWiesloch538Galactic EmpireSquadron of Doomno
13. Andreas aka "Kortol"DLeimen1844Scum and VillainyGryphon Squadno
14. Eric aka "Xarfai"DMaintal555First Orderno
15. Tom aka "Skuunk"DKarlsruhe287Rebel AllianceWookieetreiberno

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Republic:2
Galactic Empire:1
Separatist Alliance:1
Distribution of Origins
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