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Re-roll AoS - 1500 points - List of Participants

1. Benoit aka "jokeroo"FSauvagnon222Stormcast Eternalsyesyes
2. Olivier aka "Beors"FFéas40Stormcast EternalsRe-rollyesyes
3. Jade aka "Jadounette"FBillère209SeraphonRe-rollyesyes
4. Michaël aka "SergentBILKO"FPau98Maggotkin of NurgleMétal Corpsyesyes
5. Alexandre aka "Waalex"FPau109Flesh-eater Courtsyesyes
6. François aka "Plop"FOrthez136SylvanethRe-rollyesyes
7. Rémy aka "Final64"FLuquet82Stormcast EternalsLa looseyesyes
8. Maxime aka "Barique"FEstos96Blades of KhorneRe-rollyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Stormcast Eternals:3
Blades of Khorne:1
Flesh-eater Courts:1
Maggotkin of Nurgle:1
Distribution of Origins
Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64):7
Hautes-Pyrénées (65):1
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