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[X-Wing] Alliance Open - May the 4th be with you - List of Participants

1. Rick v.NL-Resistanceyes
2. Sander N.NL-Galactic Empireyes
3. Niels V.NL-Galactic Empireyes
4. Martin B.NL-Galactic Empireno
5. Alexander F.NL-Rebel Allianceyes
6. Mankit L.NL-Rebel Allianceyes
7. Diego R.NL-Separatist Allianceyes
8. Laura S.NL-Rebel Allianceyes
9. Dennis W.NL-Separatist Allianceyes
10. Marden M.NL-Galactic Empireyes
11. Niek v.NL-Galactic Empireyes
12. Faan L.NL-First Orderyes
13. Jelle Z.NL-Rebel Allianceno
14. Leon M.NL-Galactic Empireyes
15. Wouter O.NL-Galactic Empireyes
16. Sjoerd B.NL-Rebel Allianceyes
17. Ron M.NL-Galactic Empireyes
18. Roderick H.NL-Galactic Republicyes
19. Simon v.NL-Scum and Villainyyes
20. Friso H.NL-Separatist Allianceyes
21. Claudio V.NL-Galactic Republicyes
22. Ewan H.NL-Galactic Empireyes
23. Ronald J.NL-Rebel Allianceyes
24. Jacques v.NL-Galactic Empireyes
25. Frank P.NL-Rebel Allianceyes
26. Benjamin D.NL-Galactic Empireyes
27. Joep V.NL-Resistanceyes
28. Joost v.NL-Galactic Empireyes
29. Toon B.NL-Rebel Allianceyes
30. Jacob B.NL-Galactic Empireyes
31. Jordi G.NL-Scum and Villainyyes
32. Aaron C.NL-Scum and Villainyyes
33. Duncan B.NL-Scum and Villainyyes
34. Hamza Y.NL-Scum and Villainyyes
35. Josh M.NL-Rebel Allianceyes
36. Sander B.NL-Galactic Empireyes
37. Dennis v.NL-Scum and Villainyyes
38. Luuk D.NL-Scum and Villainyyes
39. Klaas Harm W.NL-Scum and Villainyyes
40. Alexander v.NL-Scum and Villainyyes
41. Leo H.NL-Scum and Villainyyes

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Empire:14
Scum and Villainy:10
Rebel Alliance:9
Separatist Alliance:3
Galactic Republic:2
First Order:1
Distribution of Origins
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