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Bayou Clash - List of Participants

1. Florent aka "ElChauve"FOrvault-The Ten Thundersno
2. Damien aka "Grundil"FFondettes23The Arcanistsno
3. Mathieu aka "Matrim"FSavigny26The Arcanistsno
4. Samuel aka "syco"FVillentrois16The GremlinsFuck teamno
5. Hugo aka "hugodasse"FPoitiers-The Guildno
6. Simon aka "Lidiaz"FJoué Les Tours17The Guildno
7. Pierre aka "Pix974"FBaho-The Gremlinsno
8. William aka "Zanghjiao"FGradignan19The Ten ThundersG.U.I.L.Dno
9. Jérôme aka "Vangerdahast"FBordeaux2The ArcanistsG.U.I.L.Dno
10. Olivier aka "ulrian"FToulenne1The ResurrectionistsG.U.I.L.Dno

Distribution of Armies
The Arcanists:3
The Gremlins:2
The Guild:2
The Resurrectionists:2
The Ten Thunders:2
Distribution of Origins
Gironde (33):3
Indre-et-Loire (37):2
Indre (36):1
Loire-Atlantique (44):1
Pyrénées-Orientales (66):1
Vienne (86):1
Essonne (91):1
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