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Minyarts Star Wars X-Wing 2.0 Preparation for Hyperspace - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Dennis aka "ha_ARMAN_n_I"DLüdenscheid257Galactic EmpireX-Wing SHG Ruhrpottnono
2. Jörg aka "Eltfario"DGreven140Scum and VillainyRogue Squadron Münsternono
3. Stefan aka "Senic"DBielefeld49First OrderWeekend Wookieesnono
4. Marcello aka "Maschi"DEssen242Galactic RepublicEvadersnono
5. Carsten aka "Pyropuschel"DMünster29Galactic RepublicRogue Squadron Münsternono
6. Franz aka "FB8"DHerford269Rebel AllianceWeekend wookiesnono
7. Antonio aka "Rafter2k"DDüsseldorf329Galactic RepublicSegnor Noobsnono

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Distribution of Origins
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