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Ligue des Forges de Lumière 2019 - L'affrontement de la rentrée - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Mathieu aka "Armahus"FLagarde1383Death GuardTeam LTCnono
2. Jérôme aka "Berzy"FCarcassonne188Chaos Space MarinesGrabugenono
3. Benjamin aka "babelben"FLabastide Beauvoir1657Orksnono
4. David aka "Aries4"FPamiers1102DeathwatchTeam LTCnono
5. Rodéric aka "MiniVect"FFleury-Les-Aubrais449T'au EmpireC_pas_trop_TAUnono
6. Rémy aka "Final64"FLuquet296Space MarinesLa loosenono

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