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Meeting Engagements - List of Participants

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1. Baudoin aka "Riskane"BOn53Flesh-eater Courtsnono
2. Jan aka "minisnatcher"BTienen4Idoneth DeepkinGaming Lords Leuvennono
3. Bart aka "Myth"BLier113Stormcast EternalsGaming Lords Leuvennono
4. Kris aka "Rumpelot"BHerent92Maggotkin of NurgleGaming Lords Leuvennono
5. Matthieu aka "Aldebalaran"BNivelles-Ogor Mawtribesnono
6. Stefaan aka "Commander"BBoutersem82Cities of SigmarGaming Lords Leuvennono
7. David aka "Dudu1975"BHoudeng-Aimeries-Stormcast Eternalsnono
8. Antonin aka "Contevampir"BHoudeng-Aimeries-Nighthauntnono
9. Bart M.BHoegaarden-Ogor MawtribesGaming Lords Leuvennono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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